Sunday, 18 January 2015

Announcement - The HipHop | Desi HipHop

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Announcement - The HipHop | Desi HipHop

Hello Fellow Members, I need to give you an UPDATE! regarding the submission form we used to have on the website. We are closing down the Song Submissions for a short period of time, Because we get over 200+ Emails everyday and its very difficult for us to Check, Review & Post each and every Submission you guys send us.

So we are going to introduce you with a new website where you can directly upload your Youtube, Dailymotion Videos. You don’t need to do anything like uploading your videos again on our website. Just register yourself with your existing Facebook/Twitter account & you are done. Now go to your account fill in your profile if you like & give our website your YouTube/Dailymotion video links & its done.

Feel free to Register yourself on We will help you Promote yourself like we always did.




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